Vegetable oils


Olive oil is probably the most widely used oil in homemade skin and hair care. And it’s nothing to be surprised about – olive vegetable oil is a great all-round oil that works in almost any situation.

Skin type

Dry skin, sensitive skin, aging skindry skin

Skin care

  • Use in massage oils or body oils or in any skin care recipe that calls for a vegetable oil, if you have dry, sensitive or aging skin. Can also be used in the Oil cleansing method.
  • Olive oil has a long shelf life and is therefore a good oil to use in herbal oils
  • Use as a makeup remover. Apply to a cotton pad and swipe the makeup off.
  • Olive oil is anti-inflammatory, and can be effective on many skin conditions such as psoriasis, irritated skin, exzema, mosquito bites, sunburn and itching skin. Apply directly to affected area about twice a day – you can also warm the oil slightly before applying.

Hair care

  • Is great to use as is as a hair oil for dry hair. The result is shiny, smooth hair


Recipes with olive vegetable oil
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