Vegetable oils

Apricot kernel

Apricot kernel vegetable oil is a semi-fatty oil that can be used by almost any skin type. It’s especially well suited for dry skin and aging skin and can soothe irritated, itching skin.

Skin type

Dry skin, sensitive skin, aging skin, irritated skin

Skin care

  • Use in massage oils or body oils or in any skin care recipe that calls for a vegetable oil, if you have dry, sensitive or aging skin.
  • Apricot oil is well suited as a face oil. It can also be used in the Oil cleansing method.
  • Apricot oil takes a little while to be absorbed into the skin and can be mixed with for instance jojoba oil, which is absorbed quicker.
  • Can be heated and has a relatively long shelf life, and is therefore a good carrier oil for herbal oils or a hot oil treatment.
Recipes with apricot kernel vegetable oil
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