Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo

Cocoa powder is a great dry shampoo for people with red or brown hair. The powder will suck in the excess grease from your scalp and your hair will look completely newly washed. It adds a lot of body and makes your hair look amazing. Plus, you smell like chocolate all day!

All you need to do is rub some cocoa powder in your hair, run a boar bristle brush through it a couple of times. Just take some in the palms of your hands and rub it in. You can also use a large kabuki brush to apply it evenly over your scalp, or keep some in a sugar dispenser.

Washing your hair too often isn’t really good for your hair, as it strips out all the natural oils and prevents your scalp from producing more. Applying some cocoa powder between washes can help you prolong the times inbetween washes especially if you’re trying to get used to not washing your hair regularly.

If you have light hair, try potato starch, finely ground oats, arrowroot or cornstarch for a similar effect.

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