Seaweed bath

Seaweed bath

30-300 g dried seaweed or up to 1 kg fresh seaweed
0.5-1 kg sea salt (or epsom salt, black salt or himalayan rose salt)

Combine ingredients in large pot. Pour over hot water and leave to stand for 20 minutes. Alternatively, boil on low heat for a little while. Add to your bath and relax! Finish you bath by scrubbing your body with the seaweed. Don’t rinse afterward, and let air dry.

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  1. [...] To make things simple, I made a goo that is a combined face mask and hair mask, containing seaweed plus another super ingredient – avocado. This mask is going to moisture and clear your skin and hear, and also prevent hair growth. Combine this face and hair mask with taking a  seaweed bath. Basically you just add some seaweed and salt to your bath. The seaweed will stimulate blood circulation, ease tensions, pains and irritated skin. For excact mesures, check it out on Blue recipes. [...]

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