Flax slime hair gel

Have you ever tried mucilage of flax seed? I have, and I liked it about as much as I liked the rotten shark I tried on Iceland. Flax seed doesn’t really taste as much, but the consistency is that of slime and almost impossible for me to get down. So instead of drinking it, I suggest putting it in your hair. Because of its consistency, it will work as a lightweight hair gel.

1/2 dl aloe vera gel or juice
1/2 dl rose water, herbal infusion or battery water
1 dl flax seeds
about 5 drops essential oils (I suggest some citrus essential oil, sandalwood essential oil or rosemary essential oil. Or any other essential oil for hair care

Mix the ingredients and let stand overnight.
Remove the flax seeds and pour the gel into a jar. Done! Store in the fridge for up to one month

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