The Guaranteed Chemical Free Eye Enhancer

Finding a good mascara that doesn’t smudge and stays on long can be rather tricky. Especially if you’re looking for something of the natural, no ‘poo variety. Personally, I don’t even use mascara right now, which is partly because I haven’t found a good one and I’m too lazy to go out looking for one. The other reason is that I’ve discovered the glory of a product that I, only a year or so back, would have awarded with the-most-unneccessary-product-of-the-century.

It’s this little guy.

I don’t know how many of you already use eyelash curlers. Some of you might have one lying in the back of your bathroom cupboard and never take it out even to look at. Many of you probably already use one on a daily basis. But did you ever consider the fact that an eyelash curler actually is a 100% natural way to make your eyes look larger and brighter? No need to worry about any kinds of harsh chemicals or long ingredient lists with words you don’t understand. Just curl up and look pretty.

For color, I personally just go with some eyeliner (when I wear makeup, that is). I use this homemade eyeliner that works great for me. I made one already three years ago and only now am I starting to run out! I don’t wear makeup every day but it’s still lasted for a very long time. To make a super simple eyeliner, you can grind some charcoal tablets, mix in a tiny amount of coconut oil and apply with an eyeliner brush. I haven’t tried this yet, but as soon as my current eyeliner is out, I’m definitely doing this! You can store the eyeliner in a glass jar for a year or more.

Here are some other cool and innovative ways of making your own eye makeup:

Youtube video: Use berries as makeup
Burn an almond – make eyeliner

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