Help Stop the Banning of Herbal Remedies in the EU!

While I am extremely busy again, with writing exams and working (and enjoying the wonderful sunshine, shh! don’t tell anyone), I have not had time to blog much lately. While waiting for me to get my act together (which should be by the end of this week, hopefully), please take the time to sign this petition about the EU banning of traditional herbal medicines that will take place as of April 30th! The Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD) will remove most herbal remedies from the market that do not have their specific license.

While I do agree that it’s great if the benefits of herbal medicine can be proven scientifically, this process seems unnecessarily extensive, not to mention expensive (according to the site, a minimum of £80,000 per plant. That’s 90,000€ or $132,000!), meaning it’s going to be impossible for smaller independent businesses to go on.

Please watch the video and sign the petition – even if you’re not from Europe you can give us a hand :) :

See you later this week! Coming up: what to do with your garbage (tip: it doesn’t go in the garbage bin), what I put in my face, how to do cabbage rolls in your hair. And much much more.

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