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Blow up your balloons, put on your most glittering party hat and get me a glass of champagne. Because today is Hilda blue’s first year birthday! Hooray!

I had huge plans for this day. Actually I had planned on a whole week with new fancy things and posts every day.
But oh well, as usual there hasn’t been much time. So you’ll just have to check back more in the following weeks to see all the exciting things I have in store for you.

But until then, let me give you a summary of the first year of Hildablue. Here’s a list of the most visited blog posts so far:

  1. INCI for dummies – how to understand the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients, that is, understanding what’s in the products you buy
  2. Alum deodorant – thai stone, crystal stone rock crystal… This little shiny deodorant has many names. Read more about what it actually is and where it comes from here.
  3. Blueberry facial mask – seems people love blueberry in their faces. And you should! There are heaps of vitamins in blueberries, and they are great for your skin. Here’s one recipe example including dried blueberry powder. But remember, you can just as well use fresh or frozen blueberries.
  4. The hair washing test – my big post series where I go through all kinds of alternative methods of getting your hair clean.
  5. Henna recipes – some recipes with henna, including henna gloss if you are more into the nourishing properties of henna and not the hair dye.

Which posts are your favorite ones?

And, more importantly, what would you like to see more of in the upcoming year? Comment, or answer the poll to your right.

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