Hair Emergency First Aid

Bad hair day?  Here are a few tips to keep you from wrapping that scarf around your head or staying inside all day.


If you haven’t had time to wash your hair in the morning, try one of these tips:

  • talcum powder apply some talc to your hair, let it sit for about five minutes and then brush any excess talc off. The dry powder will soak up the grease from your hair. This works best for blondes, as the talcum powder can make dark hair look a bit lighter. If you’re afraid of talcum powder for whatever reason (some people say it’s linked to cancer),  cornstarch or baking soda work just as well. Actually, any finely ground powder will probably have the same effect.
  • alcohol will also help fight grease. Try diluting vodka or rubbing alcohol with water and brush through the length of your hair. You can do the same thing with you favourite perfume if it is alcohol based.

Please note: These two tips are very handy when you’ve waited one day too much with washing your hair, but don’t be tempted to use them too often. Especially alcohol in your hair can be drying in the long run.

These following ones, however, can be used as often as you like; only good will come from it :) What to do if you have

  • To fight frizz, style and condition your hair, use aloe vera. Apply to your hair as you would with a hair gel.
  • Oils also help to keep your hair calm and condition. Rub a few drops of any oil, preferably coocnut oil, shea butter or jojoba oil, between the palms of your hands (use so little that you can hardly see that your palms are shinier) and stroke lightly over the lengths of your hair. If you accidentally take to much, try the tips to fight greasy hair mentioned above :D
  • If you don’t mind the smell, comb some apple cider vinegar diluted in water through your hair.
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  1. SkinALicious

    Love the tips. I unfortunetly suffer from oily limp hair. After searching for the perfect solution I have come to now love and depend on Batiste dry shampoo. It absorbs the dirt and oils and adds volume. I can now go an extra day or two without washing my hair.

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