New Nuxe experience

I have never been a big fan of Nuxe. I find that they charge you heaps for stuff that they call natural, that really contain mostly silicones and alcohol and maybe just a small percentage of what they boast about on the cover.
Also I have a memory that it was they who sold this “multi purpose oil”, a miracle oil that could be used for anything – hair, face and body! But when looking at the ingredient list, it was 100% apricot oil, that you can buy from the internet for probably literally a hundredth of their price (and still get it cold-pressed and ecological, which theirs weren’t). But, I’m not sure about this and if they did, they don’t seem to sell it anymore, luckily.

Anyway, the other day I took the ferry over to Ă…land, and I decided to get me a face cleanser on the boat. After much consideration, I decided to get their 3 roses foam cleanser. It wasn’t really cheap, but about the same price category as Origin’s (which is a brand that I love, although it’s quite expensive too) which they had too, but I wanted to give Nuxe a second chance. Also I love foaming cleansers :)
The cleanser contains three different rose types – red, white and black. I don’t really think that does all too much for your skin, apart from that 3 roses sound better than one rose. Also, it does contain quite a lot of PEG-ingredients, that can be toxic and also make other chemicals enter the skin more easily. Lots of products contain PEG or PPG-ingredients, and they come under many names (if they start with PEG or PPG you can be sure about them, however).

But apart from that, the cleanser is very nice. The foam feels so soft on the skin, and my face looks refreshed and feels soft afterward.

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