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Kombucha for Skin Care and other Kombucha Cocktails

2014 March 5
by hilda


As the third part in my kombucha series, it’s time to actually use the kombucha for something. You already know that kombucha is super healthy to drink, and relatively easy to make, but what about the beauty benefits. In addition to the benefits I mentioned in the previous post, drinking kombucha can also have some positive effects on your skin and hair. Even though I haven’t seen the studies to back it up, people are reporting thicker and smoother hair, and clearer skin after drinking kombucha on a regular basis.

But kombucha can also be applied topically, and the antioxidants and probiotics will work their magic on your face and give you clear, smooth and toned skin. The acidity of kombucha makes it a superb alternative to and ACV hair rinse. Here’s a few ways how you can incorporate kombucha into your beauty regime:

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Make Your Own Kombucha Tea

2014 February 11
by hilda

pib pinterest Make Your Own Kombucha Tea kombucha homemade flavors 1024x680 Make Your Own Kombucha Tea

Last week, I wrote a bit about the health benefits of kombucha. Now, I’m sure you’re all super excited to get your hands dirty* and start making it yourself. So without further ado, I present you with my step-by-step guide to making your own kombucha! Remember to check in next week for some great kombucha recipes!  *You really shouldn’t get your hands dirty when you’re making kombucha. More on that soon. read more…

Health Benefits of Kombucha

2014 February 8
by hilda

pib pinterest Health Benefits of Kombuchahealthy kombucha tea 680x1024 Health Benefits of Kombucha

Hey folks, I’m back.

I know, I know it’s ages since I’ve written anything whatsoever, well, things have been rather crazy in this end. I’ve moved countries (twice in the past 6 months) and started a new job while still trying to keep up my freelance graphic design business. I do have some really exciting plans for this blog though, so hopefully there will be time for a bit more writing and also hopefully a little redesign soon!

More on that later, however. Now let’s talk about a new project of mine – making kombucha tea! I started out writing one post on this, but turns out I have a lot to say on the subject. So today we’re just going to focus on the health benefits of kombucha. Next week I’ll be writing more about how to make your own kombucha tea at home, and as a final post in this mini-series, I’ll post a few recipes that shows how you can use kombucha instead of drinking it straight. read more…

Your Homemade Beauty Questions Answered

2013 November 6

Sometimes when I’m bored, I like to look at the keywords that people google to find this website. And sometimes, I notice that people have found their way here, but have searched for something that I haven’t answered in a blog post. That’s why I decided to take some of the most common search queries and answer them in this post. So I present to you some of the most interesting, tricky and downright odd things that people want to know.

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Video Tutorial: Homemade Lip Balm

2013 October 27

Let me present you with my very first tutorial video: how to make your own lip balm. The recipe is incredibly simple and very customisable. This recipe is inspired by these lip chap recipes that I wrote about on Urban Earthworm (but even more simplified).

Here’s a few other points to keep in mind:

  • You can buy beeswax online, or if you can get in touch with a local beekeeper, that’s even better! Look for beekepers in farmers markets or try looking them up online and contact them directly. If you go through a personal beekeper, the beeswax will probably be cheaper than online – some even hand it out for free! At the same time you support a local entrepreneur, and you can be sure where your wax comes from.
  • If you are vegan, or don’t want to use beeswax for other reasons, you can substitute the beeswax with a vegetable wax, such as carnauba, candelilla, jojoba or soy wax.
  • This lip balm recipe is good for one small jar of lip balm but you can easily double the amount to make more at the same time!
  • Pick any essential oils that you like, some suggestions are: peppermint, rose, lime or other citrus fruit, lavender.

Hope you like the video! And let me know if you have suggestions for other YouTube tutorials icon smile Video Tutorial: Homemade Lip Balm

Company Checkup: Recipes Grandma Agafia

2013 October 21

pib pinterest Company Checkup: Recipes Grandma Agafia hildablue company checkup3 300x244 Company Checkup: Recipes Grandma Agafia Funny how these things happen. In the beginning of July, not more than a few days after I had moved to St Petersburg, I got an email from a reader asking me if I knew anything about this skin care brand called Recipes Grandma Agafia (Рецепты бабушки Агафьи). This skin care product line is a russian brand, which isn’t very well known outside of Russia. However, you can buy it cheaply from Amazon.

Naturally, I got very curious and set out to see if I could find this product in St Petersburg. And I did find it at the first place I looked, the big shopping center called Gostiny Dvor. And I was surprised by the cheap prices! I knew it was a relatively cheap brand – at amazon, the products prices averaged at $5. Here, it was much cheaper; a product could be around $2 (and this is still quite the touristy, fancy shopping center). And it’s organic! So I simply bought a bunch of products, to check them out when I got home.

I haven’t contacted this brand to ask about their philosophy, like I’ve done with the other products in the company checkup post series, but I still wanted to give a review of the products I bought and let you know what I think of Grandma Agafia’s recipes.

pib pinterest Company Checkup: Recipes Grandma Agafia recipes grandma agafia Company Checkup: Recipes Grandma Agafia

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How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love.

2013 October 15
by hilda

Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve spent the past few months in St Petersburg in Russia. This is also part of the reason to why I have been so quiet lately  (the other reason is that I’ve been focusing on getting my graphic design business up and running full time). I didn’t have more to do than normally while I was away, but this blog and everything around it just felt like a whole different world. My daily life was so different from my life back home and I had to change many of my good habits for the worse. Things like eating vegetarian food, recycling and making my own skin care products were so much more difficult, often downright impossible, that after a few weeks I just stopped caring. And I even started enjoying it. It felt kind of … rebellious. ”Look at me, throwing this PET bottle into the trash can! I’m not recycling and I DON’T CARE! YEAH!”

pib pinterest How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love.

recycling bins How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love. To recycle or not to recycle, that’s the question. Photo by:

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Homemade Face Mask With Red Wine and Cocoa Powder

2013 August 28
by hilda

pib pinterest Homemade Face Mask With Red Wine and Cocoa Powder homemade red wine cocoa face mask 595x1024 Homemade Face Mask With Red Wine and Cocoa Powder A few weeks back, I wrote about what to do with leftover beer. This time, there’s another alcoholic drink that you could put on your face instead of in your mouth. Although, I would recommend doing both, preferably at the same time.

This face mask combines red wine and chocolate, two of the best ingredients in the whole wide world. And they are not just good for eating – using these red wine and cacao powder in skin care will give you clear, young looking skin. Red wine contains an antioxidant called reservatol, which is proven to have anti-aging and acne fighting properties. Cocoa powder also contains heaps of antioxidants and will work great for anti-aging and help fight acne, eczema and other skin disorders.

Red Wine Chocolate Face Mask

For any skin type, especially mature skin or acne prone skin. If you have very sensitive skin, use with caution.

1 tbs red wine

1 tbs cacao powder

about 1 tbs sour cream (or yogurt, or other thick dairy product)

Combine all the ingredients. How much sour cream you use depends on how thick the cream is. Start with a bit less and add until the consistency is to your liking.

10 Second Homemade Beetroot Peel blush

2013 August 13

pib pinterest 10 Second Homemade Beetroot Peel blushhomemade beetroot blush 300x226 10 Second Homemade Beetroot Peel blushSince the beginning of July, I have been living in St Petersburg, Russia. After the move, I have been forced to make some  change in my sustainable and natural living. Not only did I not have the possibility to bring any of my essential oils and other raw material, things like organic food and recycling seem to be completely unknown in this country. Nonetheless, I have tried to take the most out of the situation, and try to look at what I can do in Russia instead of what I can’t do. And there’s a few things that they do better than many, maybe even any, other country. Such as honey. And vodka. I’ll hopefully get back to those later, but for now I wanted to share a quick tip with another type of food that the russians love: beetroot.

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Company Checkup: Yves Rocher

2013 August 9

pib pinterest Company Checkup: Yves Rocherhildablue company checkup3 300x244 Company Checkup: Yves Rocher

Next up in the  company checkup post series is Yves Rocher, a company that has been on  the green beauty market for a long time. Personally, I’ve always associated Yves Rocher with coupons – all those coupon magazines that were sent to our house without anybody really being interested, always contained a full page of Yves Rocher coupons. Before now, I’d never really tried any of their products, but now I got the chance. Let’s take a close look at Yves Rocher – their brand, their claims and their products. read more…